February 27, 2009

Larry Brooks has an EXCLUSIVE story about an EXCLUSIVE conversation with Renney-ey in todays NY Post. Its such an EXCLUSIVE that the Post has a cool graphic to evidence the EXCLUSIVE story:


How cool is that! Sure, Newsday, another completely different newspaper has a conversation with Renney-ey too…But that paper doesn’t have a cool EXCLUSIVE graphic, so I guess its not technically an EXCLUSIVE.

Nice work, Larry. Way to get an EXCLUSIVE scoop.

The Newsday story quoted Renney-ey saying:

“I believe the team needs a power-play quarterback, some more size and toughness up the middle, and a couple of big wingers that can pound people and the puck…Scott [Gomer] and Chris [Drurer] have had a hard time living up to the perception that goes along with $7 million [a year], while trying to lead at the same time. They are 25-goal guys tops, not 50, and can’t afford to be minus players. The combination of all of that is tough for anyone to live up to. More realistic expectations and scoring coming from elsewhere will allow them to be great leaders.”

Aww, that Renney-ey.  Such a sense of humor.  I gave him 2 PP quarterbacks, each signed for 5 years at a total combined salary of 11.5 million a year.  One of them even scored a PP goal last night.  That’s an 82-goal season – at that pace, $6.5 M per year is a bargain!


Wow…now THAT’s a leader.

February 25, 2009

I just watched one of the greatest performances in front of a microphone ever.

THAT’s how you keep a crowd hanging on every word.

THAT’s how you let the world know what you stand for.

THAT’s how you show the way forward out of dark times.

Check it out for yourself.

Seriously, I am one talented, engaging mo-fo. Obama can learn a few things from The Generalissimo.

God I’m Exhausted…

February 24, 2009

Its been a busy day for The Generalissimo.  Not only did I have to actually show up at the practice rink before 10 am, but I had to negotiate a new contract, and, ugh, I had to give a press conference.  Do you know how tiring it is to have to explain yourself in easy to understand, one-syllable words, for the clueless masses of the media?  Of course you don’t, because you’re not a President, General Manager and Dictator-for-Life.  No one cares what you say.

Anyway, I’m sure all the papers have a quotes from The Generalissimo, and I’m sure they are all praising The Generalissimo’s actions once again.  I’ll take a look later – but first I need to take a nice nap, and then catch up on the Real Housewives shows on my TiVo.  Ooops, I mean my “Cablevision DVR.”

I’ll check back in later.

Typical Reporters

February 23, 2009

Its no secret that The Generalissimo has no patience for the little swarthy people.  And trust me, there are millions of them in NYC.  But The Generalissimo is talking specifically about the reporters that covers his team.  Larry Brooks in the NY Post has an article today that demonstrates The Generalissimo’s reasons perfectly.  The Generalissimo was on his way to Michael’s for a post game filet and cigar, and Brooks accosted The Generalissimo in the hallway.  [BTW – why am I paying Barney to be at my side at all time if he’s not providing me with security?  His coffee isn’t that good.] Here’s what Brooks wrote:

When it was over, when the staggering Blueshirts lost for the 10th time in their last 12 games (2-7-3), Glen Sather talked for a moment to The Post, though the GM had very little to say. “I can’t give you a lot of insight right now,” Sather said in the runway leading to the ice when asked for his take on his team. “There’s not much I can tell you.”

Don’t be fooled, people.  Here’s the FULL quote I gave him, with the parts he conveniently left out in bold.

“I can’t give you a lot of insight right now, because I’ve been on vacation at my ski chalet in Lugano for 3 weeks. There’s not much I can tell you now because my driver is double-parked.

More from Brooks:

Sather was asked whether coach Tom Renney’s job is safe, whether the head coach who has taken the Blueshirts to the playoffs in each of his three full seasons behind the bench, would be on the ice for the club’s next practice session.   “I’m not going to get into that. You know that,” the general manager told The Post. “I’m not going to talk about that at all.”


“I’m not going to get into that, because I haven’t spoken to Renney-ey since christmas. You know that I spend January in Fiji, and the reception there is crap, but I’m not going to talk about that at all.”

More Brooks:

Sather similarly deflected a question about his intentions regarding Sean Avery, who remains in Hartford on loan from Dallas.  “Sean is another team’s property,” Sather said before bobbing and weaving when asked when and if he would ask the Stars to place the winger on re-entry waivers so the Rangers could claim him.  “It’s more complicated than that,” Sather said. “There are cap issues. There might be other things going on that no one knows about.”


“Sean is another team’s property, and I’m waiting for Jimmy to pay the check to Bettman to get that taken care of.  I have pull with the league that you could only dream about. But it’s more complicated than that now…apparently there are cap issues these days. Schoeney told me its been thay way for years…so who knows…there might be other things going on that The Generalissimo doesn’t even know about! Now stop asking me for spare change…that nickel is really all I have for you.”

Everyone knows you can’t believe eveyrthing you read in the papers, and now, with the internets, there’s almost nothing stopping someone from printing full out falsehoods.  Luckily, for you, The Generalissimo’s loyal followers, I am here to set the record straight. Now, excuse me, The Generalissimo is late for his mani/pedi appointment.

The only number that counts…

February 22, 2009

Lots of talk lately about Michal Rosival changing his number from 3 to 33. But when it comes to Rosival, the only number that counts is the 4 year, $20 million contract The Generalissimo gave him back in July. Just another example of The Generalissimo’s skill in locking up a highly coveted free agent with a below market salary. Just look at some of the less talented, less productive players with about a $5 million cap hit this year…

Evgeni Nabokov (5.375M)
Ryan Getlzaf (5.325M)
Mike Green (5.325M) [The Generalissimo has never even heard of this guy. Must be from Europe].
Martin Brodeur (5.200M)
Sergei Gonchar (5.000M)
Rob Blake (5.000M)
Jay Bouwmeester (4.875M)

Seriously…Rosival is 3rd out of the 4 defensemen on this list in overall scoring! Third place is nothing to sneeze about and The Generalissimo has a knack for spotting that type of talent. Gonchar’s only got 2 goals and 4 points ALL SEASON. Rosival’s numbers are so much better than that its embarrassing.

But look, if you no-brains don’t want to take The Generalissimo’s word for it, just watch the highlights of last night’s Rangers/Buffalo game. Rosival is all over the place.

Watch him hit the post early…

Watch at the 1 minute mark when Rosival makes a brilliant defensive play on a 2-1. Watch him attack Derek Roy and cause Roy to make a pass – Rosival’s quick rush out of position saved a shot against! He was so committed to throwing his body that he completely lost his stick! Sure, the Sabres scored on the play when the man Rosival left open in the slot scored, but that was totally Lundqvist’s fault.

And if that’s not enough, watch at the 1:40 mark when Rosival throws a rocking hit! That’s definitely going to make the next Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em VHS tape!

Watch The Michal Magic here!

My kinda player

February 19, 2009

Did you see Petr Prucha last night? Forced a key turnover that led to the first goal, played with guts, effort, and  passion, and even got into a fight!

I gotta tell you, that’s the kind of effort and enthusiasm that The Generalissimo loves…to trade!

I hope no other GMs saw that Prucha wears down. I haven’t seen it myself [I don’t get to many games], but that’s what Renney-ey says.  It’s weird too, because Renney-ey told reporters that Prucha’s size wasn’t an issue in training camp in September (courtesy of the Blueshirt Bulletin):

“That’s the way he’s wired, built,” Renney said. “He’s probably topped off. He’s got superior mental toughness, which goes an awful long way with whatever you might have in physical attributes. He’s a second and third effort guy. You don’t see Pete missing too many games with injury. He battles through everything. He does have to continue to learn and grow so that he can still assert himself. He’s in phenonemal condition — one of our highest scores ever. In fact, as a team, this is the highest since I’ve been here eight years, this is the best testing I’ve seen from a Ranger team. And Pete’s at the top of the heap, so he’s in great shape.”

But, bottom line, I can’t have a guy eating $1.6 million in cap space to play 5 games with passion and energy, because he wears down and has to sit for 1 game.  A tired player takes away space from other, more productive players, like Aaron Voros.

The Generalissimo doesn’t understand why more people aren’t talking about what a great signing Voros was.  I’ve invested $3 million of cap space on Voros over the next three years, and he immediately paid off.  He scored 7 points in his first 5 games – that’s a 114 point pace for the entire year.  And the kid can throw the leather with the best of them!

POW! !



MVP stats.  A rock of a chin.  Hands of stone.  A manly beard.

Adds up to another quality addition by The Generalissimo

ps – have fun in Phoenix, Petr.

Don’t these people ever get fired?

February 17, 2009

Rick Carpinello is still around?  Didn’t he retire years ago? If he didn’t he should have.  I just looked at his blog and apparently he’s back on the beat, and he immediately takes swipes at The Generalissimo?

Where has Carpinello been all these years when The Generalissimo was transforming the Rangers into the perfect team – a team of Li’l Generalissimos?  I’ll bet he was off fishing or playing golf with his buddies, living off the $3.50 he made in royalties from some horrible hatchet job book he wrote years ago.

Is there no accountability in this world anymore?  What has Carpinello won over the last 25 years?  How many houses does Carpinello own?   The Generalissimo can only imagine how much of his owner’s newspaper budget has he wasted, and for what return?  A few more comments on his blog?

Eh, forget it.  The Generalissimo’s got a busy day ahead.  Brunch at 11, then a big meeting with Schoney at 2.    OOOPS…did I just let the cat out of the bag LOL?