Flu My Ass…

James Mirtle posted a good chart that shows total man-games lost by team over the last 4 years.  Check out who’s team has the 2nd-fewest man-games lost to injury.  Ok, before you dopes fans start emailing me for help, its The Generalissimo’s team – the Oil Rangers!

This is no accident.  The Generalissimo don’t care for sissies.  The Generalissimo only likes guys who play through pain.  Guys who will lose a tooth, stick a piece of gum in the hole, and back out there for his next shift.  The Generalissimo was this way too.  Go ahead and check out my coaching record – good luck finding a game I missed!!

It should be obvious why The Generalissimo wants guys who are not prone to injury on his team.  Not ‘because its good for team chemistry, or for lineup stability…blah blah blah.  Bottom line – the less guys get injured, the less time The Generalissimo wastes at work.  Do you have any idea how much time it takes to call up a player from…wherever our minor league team is?  The Generalissimo’s got a busy fishing schedule, people.

So before The Generalissimo signs any player – he takes him outside, and slaps him around a little, Generalissimo’s-Rules-style.   If he cries, whimpers, or bruises – go play for the Devils, kid.

Think about it.  You ever seen Wade Redden get hurt?  He might play with the strength of a 9-yr-old girl, but that’s by design.  He’s earning that $6.5 million contract people, trust me.

Now I gotta go make a few phone calls…I hear the President’s looking for someone who knows how to spend lots of money quickly.


4 Responses to Flu My Ass…

  1. PuckMoney says:

    We need a start-of-playoffs post here! Site is great when you had regular posts going!

    And I see you around on SBNation, so I know you’re still out there “Glen”

  2. Rick says:

    ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just watched the Blueshirts lose (again) to the Peukewins – Are you FRIGGIN’ kidding me??? Mike Rupp gets a hatty at MSG???? Tortorella, the SAVIOR, Mr. EMOTION, has Kotalik on the ice for less than 3 min. in the 3rd period but he has the consistent Mr. Bag of ABSOLUTE CRAP (Rosival or Redden, take your pick-in this case the former) watch Mike Rupp, the next Wayne Gretzky, come down the ice at .5 mph with no resistance, and then screen the King so New Wayne can bury one and make the King’s stats go down – WTF???!!! I pay through the nose for Center Ice (now w/o Versus) so I can catch Ranger games and this is the GARBAGE product I get?? Orpik nails Callahan behind the net (I think it was Callahan, but no matter) and, wait for it… STOP WAITING!!! NOTHING HAPPENS—EFFIN’ Brashear is nowhere, still injured or having a hot dog, or staring at his helmet waiting for it to give him stock picks or complete his addition and subtraction tables or whatever. NICE EFFIN’ JOB, GLEN “THE BIGGEST, WIDEST, STINKIEST, USED-UP, SCUMMY, STUPID, DUMB BUNGHOLE, STUPID, DUMB RETARDED EFFIN PIECE OF EFFIN CRAP EVER” SATHER. The Dolans have to be the most retarded, non-hockey fans EVER-EFFFIN STUPID, SLIMY, HORRIBLE, ROTTEN, BAGS OF EFFIN’ PEUKE MIXED WITH SNOT, CRAP WITH CORN AND PEANUTS IN IT SPUNK-SLURPIN’ BAGS OF ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!! How can you be affiliated with or a fan of the team and not see that the Primero Extremophile (or Generalissimo, if you will) has done it again, every few years he just chages out the old parts with new parts with more or less the same general makeup and ultimately the same results – EMBARASSING FAILURE – IS THERE ANYONE LEFT (other than the Dolans) TO WHOM THIS FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH IS NOT CRYSTAL CLEAR??? HE NEEDS TO GO, HE IS AN IDIOT, DOUCHE BAG, AND THE LIST GOES ON, AND ON, AND ON, AND ON, AND ON. But nothing will happen, so I’m done… BECAUSE THE EFFIN’ RETARDED DOLANS WOULDN’T KNOW A HOCKEY NET FROM A COLLANDER, EVEN IF IT WAS SHOVED UP THEIR A**ES, BESIDES THEY WOULD PROBABLY ENJOY IT TOO MUCH TO GET IT BACK OUT, AND…

  3. Brian Taylor says:

    I wish I had sarcasm for Sather. At this point it is pure hate…ruining the Blueshirts to give washups a pay check…my soul is torn…

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