If anyone knows how to give NYR money away, its The Generalissimo

Most of the fools fans of the NY Rangers are probably incapable of understanding what this story means.  But if this blog is good for one thing, its a way for The Generalissimo to educate people on his brilliance.

The background is simple.  The NHL and the Rangers are usually veerrry good friends, mostly because Gary Bettmansy and I like are close golfing buddies.  [I tell ya, the Commish can polish off my balls like no one else, sorry Barnsy].  But once in a while Jimmy D gets his daddy’s panties in a bunch, and things get messy.  Luckily, when they do, The Generalissimo steps in, rolls up his sleeves, and gets to negotiating the problems away.

This case is a perfect example.  These quotes give you a little taste of how bad things had gotten for the NYR.

Representatives from MSG first approached the NHL’s executive committee about a settlement in December during a board of governors gathering at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla. Initially, MSG wanted the league to pay its legal fees, but executive committee members said that was not negotiable, sources familiar with the discussion said.

Ooooh…scary.  Not negotiable?  The only thing that is not negotiable to The Generalissimo is how many vacation days he gets.

The two parties worked around that issue, and by the all-star break in Montreal in late January, it became clear to several board of governors how much headway had been made when MSG executives Scott O’Neil and Glen Sather remained in a board meeting while NHL executives offered an update on the lawsuit.

BAM.  Me and O’Neilsy getting it done.

Sources familiar with the pending settlement say that it will see MSG cover all of the league’s legal fees, which are more than $15 million. Additionally, MSG will receive a seat on the NHL’s digital committee…

POW! Deal done.

Another brilliant negotiation by The Generalissimo.


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