Holy Contract Problem Batman!

Took a few minutes out of The Generalissimo’s day to check out what the losers reporters are saying these days about The Generalissimo’s team. Jay Greenberg highlights a serious problem for The Generalissimo here.  Apparently, Wade Redden has five years and 13 games left on his $39 million contract.  Considering the way he’s been playing this year, that’s a problem for The Generalissimo.

But The Generalissimo hears the calls of the Rangers blabosphere.  When The Generalissimo sees a mistake, he doesn’t sit around and wait for it to resolve itself – he leaps into action.

That is why I am happy to announce that I’ve reached out to Reddsy, and offered him a 3 year extension on his contract.  The Generalissimo is not willing to risk losing the best first passer in the game for nothing in 2014.


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