Pocksy and Me.

In case you haven’t heard, I put up a million bucks to bail out Peter Pocklington. I had to even pledge one of my 45 vacation homes, but it was just in Minnesota. I mean, seriously, who goes to Minnesota willingly?

Lots of people will probably suggest I’m wasting my money or just helping out an old friend who’s down on his luck. But I know Pocksy, and I’m sure he’s innocent of the charges brought against him: two counts of bankruptcy fraud, allegedly filing of false bankruptcy declarations, and making false oaths and accounts in a bankruptcy proceeding. Who could possibly think Pocksy would be a slimy crook?

Would a slimy crook repeatedly mislead the public regarding his shopping of Gretz to the highest bidder?

Would a slimy crook have a provincial government still trying to recoup $12 million in loans over a decade later?

Would a slimy crook have his dad’s name improperly engraved on the Stanley Cup?

Yeah, The Generalissimo didn’t think so either.

But the bottom line is that The Generalissimo doesn’t throw money around willy-nilly (unless its Jimmy D’s!). And The Generalissimo sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks doesn’t part with a vacation home for no reason.


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